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The Dollhouse Dream.....once upon a time a mommy believed she could build a Dollhouse from Scratch, Daddy says "you"re crazy"....Mommy buys it anyway and the story begins......
Elle o Elle is comprised of two girls, one shabby chic one modern chic. Two different styles, a shared love of parties, DIY's & design. Our blog is for the makers, the dreamers and everyone in between. We have had many dreams about this blog, and feel grateful to finally see Elle o Elle up and running. Our goal is to create a community of makers. There is much more to come, and we hope you enjoy what you read so far.
What to consider when thinking about a backdrop, and how to do a paper rosette backdrop. A backdrop is an important element in any party. If you are picture lovers like us, you won't regret having a backdrop to photograph!


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