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Get your Goodie bag on...

Today, let's talk about favours, goodies bags, or take-aways for the kiddos post-party. Love them or hate them, they have been given at parties for ages and loved by kids as a special treat. Quality is better than quantity, and so it is worth giving goodie bags some thought in advance.

Feel your blood pressure go up even at the mention of them?

Well, here's the secret to rock the goodie bag...

  1. Figure out your theme. Every theme no matter what it is should inspire a few ideas on what you could include. Think broadly, and then scale the idea down to what you could do for individual items.
  2. Estimate Numbers. I estimate who we are inviting and with an extra goodie bag or two for those "surprise" show-ups. Then you know how much to buy in the first place and don't find yourself cutting a few kids short.
  3. Start early. Once you have your theme, just keep an eye out for items as you are out and about. Spread the word to your friends about your theme, and you can be successful even expanding your network of eyes looking for those themed items.
  4. Think of your budget. Quality is better than quantity. Decide whether you'd like a higher quality bigger piece to give, or several small items. Just remember, every item you get multiplies by number of kids and this can add up quickly!

Now, what to give?

Well, rather than hit the dollar store and just give a bunch of stuff that the kids will just throw out, here's a few tips on what you could include as staples in the standard goodie-bag. This is a mix of DIY, and store-bought items.

  1. Coloring Books -Store bought or one of my fav items to create is a custom colouring book. Use the child's name, theme and have fun personalizing it even. Its an easy thing to do as long as you have good ol' google, a printer and an editor program if you wanted to get fancy and create your own images for colouring.
  2. Crayons/Pencils/Pens - who doesn't need these? Target has adorable colouring and writing options in the dollar bin every season. They also have small crayon packs that are themed and could span across a number of themes.
  3. Notepads - to go along with their new writing tools.
  4. Stickers - you can typically find stickers that go along with any theme and to save $$'s you can also buy a sticker pack and then cut them up to split amongst goodie bags
  5. Something yummy - you can include anything really but tie it into your theme and have fun with the packaging. Some ideas could be some homemade popcorn mix, some matching coloured m&m's in a cute envelope or mason jar (just watch out for allergies!).
  6. The "Make-yourself" take-home item... whether this be a cupcake they decorated, a cookie, a tiara, a hat you name it. That can also be considered a "favour". It is nice to have a cute box or package with their name on it so they can easily slip this into their goodie bag on their way out.

Here's a few go-to places to check for items while you are out & about...

  1. Target - birthday party again and again the Target dollar bin has never failed me. They typically have cute and even practical items for $1-$3.
  2. Michaels or JoAnn - also has dollar items as well as a party favour aisle that is worth taking a look for unique items. These stores always have coupons online - make sure to check before shopping!
  3. Costco/Marshalls/Ross/TJ Max - Books can be bought in series, and the split up as a favour or goodie bag.
  4. Dollar Store - everything in a dollar store isn't junk, in fact you just have to find the best dollar stores with good brands.
  5. Amazon.com - the best prices are on Amazon typically, so get your search on and see what you may find

Here's a couple theme + goodie bag potentials...

Camping Party

  • Mini Flashlights
  • DIY Smores Kit
  • Package of Goldfish (Going fishing....)
  • Camp Stories

Rockstar Party

  • Microphone
  • Ring Pop
  • Pencils, Erasers & Notepads
  • Tattoos
  • Rockstar jewellry

Princess Party

  • Adorable Tiaras
  • Super sweet Wands
  • Magic Glitter Envelopes
  • DIY wooden jewellery boxes (dollar store craft section)

Feel inspired? Tell us what your go-to goodie bag items are. We would love to hear!

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