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Emoji Fiesta Festivities

Once again we have combined two of our fav things: emojis & tacos to make this fun-filled fiesta!

The birthday boy was a male thirty-something but that doesn't mean he was too old to have a fun party theme!

We didn't go crazy, but had a few key decor items to have a little fun. It all started with a few emoji's, some cacti and some DIY tacos...

A DIY taco bar is so easy - we tried to have a selection of unique items to change it up. We had slow cooked lamb & turkey for meat. For toppings we hit the Mexican market to grab a selection of mexican cheeses, beans and pickled some onions & radishes. If you have never had pickled onions or radishes on your tacos before you are missing out!

We also grabbed some Mexican sodas and made these homemade horchatas (pictured above). You soak long grain rice in water for 6 hours or so with cinnamon sticks then blend and add some evaporated and condensed milk. Definitely easier than we thought and super refreshing!

We had things prepped and ready to go in no time....and last minute we had an idea to do an impromptu taco stand for the kiddies!

We used the Raskog Ikea cart and made some paper tacos and some fun toppings. We used crinkly paper for lettuce, and cut out some paper tomatoes and stars. We had some silicone baking cups and made a little side salad and pretend drinks. We also had paper bags filled with tortillas. We loved the cacti printables found here. We had them everywhere along with the taco cart.

Lastly, who doesn't love the poop emoji. These cupcakes are beyond easy to make. We made standard chocolate cupcakes, filled them with peanut butter cream cheese icing and topped them with chocolate buttercream. The eyes were store-bought & we made some fondant mouths. In the end, each one certainly had personality!

We hope we inspired some fun party-ideas for you too!

Here's where we found some of these details:

Check out the Pinterest board for links to all inspiration. http://pin.it/-jpbW6v

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