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Advent Calendars

The best Christmas Kick off is by far the Advent Calendar!! December 1st has always been a day to look forward to...that anticipation for that little chocolate every morning was always just so exciting....and now it seems like anything can be made into a unique advent calendar for anyone to enjoy.

Our Tea advent calendar that we made last year, was so easy to put together and so well loved. We selected 25 Davids Tea flavors and picked up all the other supplies at the dollar store. Kraft paper bags, white tags, number stamps, bakers twine and a few Christmas Charms. 1 Tea bag per bag, wrapped with twine and a numbered tag and that's it! You can display the bags in so many different ways, we chose to hang them with twine in an empty frame..another great option would be to have displayed in order in a pretty box for your counter space right next to your teapot!!! Anything goes.

If anyone you know is an avid Tea drinker this is such a great gift!!

Happy December!!

Julie & Stacey

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